Hooper41 is a Digital Learning Laboratory based in Los Angeles, California. We are creating blended learning curricula and developing interactive Mobile Learning apps for both feature phones and smartphones.  Try the demo for our “Days of the Week” spelling activity for feature phones: (213) 867-7979.

Sean C. Abajian, Co-Founder

Sean is an educator with 11 years of experience.  He is currently integrating a technology plan at a school site in South Los Angeles.  For 2010-2011 he was a mentor in the federally and state funded OTAN Technology Integration Mentor Academy (Cohort 7), based in Sacramento, CA. Sean is a member of ISTE, CUE, CCAE & COABE.  You can follow him on Twitter here: @EdTechSean

Suzie Abajian, Co-Founder

Suzie has a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA. She has 12 years of experience as a high school math teacher and is currently teaching at the university level. She has led various technology professional development workshops.

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